Simple question, is the board dead?

(Rachel Rand) #1

Moved a smoothie board from the i3 clone to the hypercube I’m building and no lights come on. It is very conceivable I got some power connections backward, but I didn’t keep the power on long given I saw nothing light up. Is there something I can check and possibly repair before replacing the entire board?

Any hints greatly appreciated.

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(Arthur Wolf) #2

How many problems is this now ? You are definitely getting the 2018 unlucky of the year award …

Backwards shouldn’t ( for most connections ) cause a board death. 24v into 5V, or a short that does the same, might kill the board, but we’ve very rarely seen that …

Is nothing at all ligthing up ? Not even the 12/24v ( VBB ) led ?

Assuming it’s only 3.3v not firing up ( and therefore the mcu too ), you can try replacing the 3.3v vreg, which has been seen to fix the board in many cases.
If after changing that it still won’t work ( 3.3v turns on but not the mcu ), then replacnig the mcu ( even though it requires quite a lot of patience ) has been shown to work in pretty much all the cases I’ve seen it attempted.