simple one i hope...

simple one i hope…

why when having a super simple pattern, beatsin8(3, 0, 255) for instance,

if i drop a serial.print in there to see whats going on, the entire animation drops to a stutter.

the serial print is streaming through beautifully, but i guess that its clashing somewhere? change the data pin maybe? an interrupt setting i need to click on?

using a pro-nano, ws2812b, 256 pixels (on this occasion)

Serial uses interrupts. So does FastLED to drive WS281X LEDs. Have you tried the recommendations here?




Also, just how much info are you trying to print? Serial print can noticably slow things down if you’re outputting lots of info.
Sometimes I’ll put a print statement inside an EVERY N MILLIS so it’s not printing every single loop but still often enough to get the picture of what’s happening.
While testing you could also try setting your NUM LEDS to something much smaller (if that still allows you to get the info you need)?