Silly Question to ask, but I'll do so anyway:

Silly Question to ask, but I’ll do so anyway:

Somehow I disabled my PC from being able to use WebGL. Can anyone tell me how to get that capability back on my computer? I have an old Dell, Insperion, I believe.

Well, a lot of old computers can’t handle WebGL.

Browsers blacklist old drivers as bugs are discovered. Try updating them.

@Todd_Fleming Thanks. That must have happened when the computer had me remove solvusoft program. I hope I still have the program.

@raykholo It worked for a while and I did something that messed it up.

A number of us have found that recent builds have disabled some webGL functionality in some browsers. Notably chrome.

Read back through the posts here or search them. I posted the flags that need to be altered to make webGL work again

Here is a link to the post with the solution in it.

This presumes that you were using chrome of course. If not then there may be a other issue.

@Justin_Adie That must be what happened. I used Chrome. I’ll check it out.Thanks.