Shrinking Object

(Robert Pankratz) #1

I’ve been using my K40 for about 6 months and recently a problem is occurring when I send my object from Inkscape to Whisper K40.

If I send over a .dfx format file the size reported by the Whisper software and cut by the K40 is 6 mm+_ (not exactly 6 mm) shorter and narrower than what I set in the Inkscape Program.

If I send a .svg format file; the Whisper Software shows the correct size but the K40 than cuts the object 6 mm± shorter and narrower (leaving approximately 6 mm to the left and top) then what I set in the Inkscape Program.

It doesn’t seem to matter what the original size is; the change seems to be 6 mm.

I have reinstalled both Inkscape and Whisper.

I am running on Windows 10.

Any help would be greatly appreciated; I’m thinking there is a setting somewhere that I have missed.Thanks in advance for your suggestions.

(Scorch) #2

My best guess is that the size you are seeing in Inkscape includes the line thickness but the size in K40 Whisperer measures to the center of the line.

Sample files that show the problem. (SVG file that os the right size and DXF file of the same design that loads small) would help diagnose the problem.

(Robert Pankratz) #3

Thanks Scorch; your reply led me to look at the Object Properties in Inkscape. I found the Stroke Style was set to 6 mm ±. In the past it was set to 1 mm and the work I do isn’t that sensitive so I never noticed it. I did try 0 mm and then I can’t see the image on the screen but it comes into Whisperer at the exact size I set in Inkscape. Again; thanks so much for your help, it is much appreciated.:grinning: