Showing off the E3D nozzle and looking for some advice....

Showing off the E3D nozzle and looking for some advice…

Nylon printing attempt 1:
Set extruder to 245 (247 first layer), bed temp to 125 (130 first layer) and let it rip (all other settings, from ABS, stayed the same.)
Printing onto a glass bed sprayed with hairspray, I got decent adhesion. The parts stuck for the first 8-12 layers, but then the corner of the triangular framing piece started to peel up. This eventually made the x-axis miss some steps, and I canceled the print to conserve the remaining 3 meter sample of Taulman 316 I have.
As you can see from the pictures, inter-layer adhesion is good, but the general surfaces produced are a bit sloppy. This might be over-extrusion, but as a lot of crackling and puffs of steam (or smoke?) came from the extruder during the print, I think the filament was fairly moist.

Anyone have any recommendations? Bed temps? I’m teetering on the edge of buying some garolite from McMaster - would 1/8", multipurpose or flame retardent be what I’m after? 8667K213 is the specific part number - although I’ll have to trim it to fit my build platform. Judging on the strength and resilient flexibility of these parts, I’m likely to make a switch to near exclusive nylon prints. With an all SS nozzle and Taulman filament, I have assumed I don’t have any noxious fumes to worry about?

I, too, had a crazy issue with taulman filament being amazingly moist. (Relevant: ) – I’d get bubbles, burps, lots of jets of steam shooting out of the nozzle, etc.

Nylon has worked well for me on a fibrous surface, wood to be specific. I used birch, as it was cheaply available locally, and in a thin enough plywood sheet. I didn’t need to heat it, it worked fine at room temp, but I did have to push the nylon into the fibers a little.

My next attempts are indeed going to be the garolite; and maybe to make a dehydrator box for filament.

Also: Consider, if you have an all-metal hot end, trying out some polycarbonate. Ultimachine sells a 1lb roll for like $40, and it has a lot of the same properties as nylon, besides the rubbery flexibility. I’ll be trying both Nylon and PC on a PrusaNozzle soon I hope.

Cool - I’ll cook the sample on warm in my oven for awhile and see how that helps. I’ ordering the Garolite now - thanks for the tip on the thickness, it was what was holding me back