Showing off my Call Of Duty loading logo made for my autistic son all

(dave windsor) #1

Showing off my Call Of Duty loading logo made for my autistic son all working ok but the light seems to stop in the middle my code is here
if someone could look and help as iam learning all this programming

(dave windsor) #2

how do i add photos as well

(Marc Miller) #3

Hi @dave_windsor . That pastebin link doesn’t seem to be taking me to any code.

(Mr Happy) #4

recount the number of leds in your array, I suspect that is off

(dave windsor) #5 try this sorry

(dave windsor) #6

@Mr_Happy not that have checked it about 10 times lol

(Stuart Taylor) #7

@dave_windsor ​ Your code says you have 32 pixels, and then, this…

for( i=0; i<36; i++) {

Also, where is the Fastled :wink:

(dave windsor) #8

@Stuart_Taylor you got me i had a computer fail big time and have lost everything except a few odd programs and sketches trying to get this working before xmas and thanks for pointing out the pixel count seems to be working now with this code only thing it i cant get it to light pixels twice with this code so it gives it a running effect continuasly around the array

(Stuart Taylor) #9

Sorry @dave_windsor ​ I dont know the adafruit library, but your code looks overy complex for a running light.

(dave windsor) #10

ok thanks Stuart Taylor ill try and get a fastled one which will do the same pc picked a good time to have melt down lol

(Luminous Elements) #11

Nice, that Treyarch knot logo looks cool

(dave windsor) #12

@Luminous_Elements thanks just having trouble finding a sketch which will do what i want as iam new to this the one iam suring works but not happy with it as i cant get it to do the same number twice to give the full running effect

(Stuart Taylor) #13

@dave_windsor ​ what effect are you after?

Just the same running light?

Also, the LEDs, they do they run in order? I.e 1234…32

(dave windsor) #14

@Stuart_Taylor hi yeah its in order and just a running light thats all my autistic son loves the cod loading logo and asked me to make him one so iam lol their is a photo of numbering would love order to go
but dont know if this is possable any help would be greeat

(Stuart Taylor) #15

hi @dave_windsor

here is a simple cylon style running light

(dave windsor) #16

@Stuart_Taylor thanks i have a error it says this has loads but this is what says on last bit

no matching function for call to ‘CFastLED::addLeds(CRGB [32], int)’

its ok had to change led type but this code goes back and forth need it to just keep going round and round will use the code i have for now till i learn a bit more thanks for you help

(Stuart Taylor) #17

@dave_windsor ah, right of course, you want the dot to go round and round. My bad.

Start with this simple loop:

Once you are comfortable with how its lighting up a pixel, and “moving” it along the strip, we can put your actual numbering into an array and read through that. Baby steps

(dave windsor) #18

cool thank ill have a look

(Stuart Taylor) #19

Hi @dave_windsor just got in from work, and had a few minutes (before the domestic bliss breaks out) and put this example together

I’ve tested this on a strip here, and i’ve used the running order you gave me.

You will have to change your data pin etc. to match yours.

Also that error you mentioned is because i’d specified NEOPIXEL as the led type, but used the FastLED.addleds template for WS2811 led types.

I dont know what type of led you are using.

(dave windsor) #20

@Stuart_Taylor big big thanks for all your help works and looks great now with no gaps