Show and tell.. Making for makers

I’ve been a bit unproductive here, but as a ‘distraction’ task I’ve been quite active with some Micro python coding. Making something that I need and should be useful for others:

I’ve got several projects that need a small display, and I’m doing them all in MicroPython.

These are all going to be small ‘info’ displays and while basic support for small OLED’s is good. Support for fonts other than the inbuilt 8x8 one is poor; a steep learning curve and additional complexity to worry about. Not what I want as a casual maker .

End result:

All the above is being done with fonts and simple programming.

This is a complete font system for the micropython inbuilt framebuffer. An easy to use a font writer and font packs based around common use scenarios for makers, educators, lazy people, etc…

Using a nicer font is now as easy as; pick a font, copy that and the writer class to your device, import and use. See the README and examples for more.

It’s also properly documented!
I’m currently finishing a few polishes off, a formal release comes soon but the alpha is fully functional:


Good work.
I will use the fonts for some of my projects in the future with Rp pico-2040’s and ESP-32s…


And I have also managed to finish the marquee class for this; takes a font and a ‘box’ at init, you can then choose to slide messages over the box or display left justified with a scroll&repeat if it exceeds the box width.

I’ve refactored the documentation a bit; this has it’s own page at: