Shout out to Michael K Johnson

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Michael K Johnson has done a lot of work to import the G+ communities into the forum. By linking my G+ account, all my old posts are now available an accredited to me.

We owe you big big heap of thanks and gratitude!

(Michael K Johnson) #2

I appreciate it and am delighted to have been able to help, and I’d like to pass the gratitude on. Without @ThantiK’s thoughtful moderation of the Google+ 3D Printing community over the years, I’m pretty sure this wouldn’t have happened.

I spent hours trying to identify and block spam from imports of other communities, and that gave me a new appreciation for the work he did moderating the 3D Printing community over the years, so a shout out to @ThantiK!

It’s not just the spam cleanup he did, though, it was also keeping the community on track with gentle nudges. The help I got there getting started with 3D printing was substantial, and it helped me understand and help others there and elsewhere. I find it instructive to compare the quality of the Google+ 3D Printing community to its closest equivalent on reddit — nothing against reddit, but the G+ community had a much higher signal to noise ratio, and I think he played an instrumental part in making this true.

Then the other members of that community made it a great place to learn and share. I do think that what I learned there really launched me into other related making, and an interest in other aspects of this forum.

Props to @funinthefalls for setting this site up! Without that, I would have merely saved some static sites to preserve knowledge (and maybe never gotten to the 30GB of 3D Printing community content), without any chance of preserving either community, and not making it easy for people to assert ownership of their own content.