Should we start collecting troubleshooting resources?

I feel like Getting Started with CO2 Lasers could perhaps use a new page for troubleshooting. Should include TEM information, link to the page on orienting plano-convex lenses, etc. Maybe some links to posts where we have diagnosed problems like higher-order TEM, slack belts, skewed gantries, etc? And I’d think also linking to this excellent troubleshooting guide that I understand @Billie_Ruben was instrumental in putting together. :smiling_face:

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This isn’t a bad idea…

As a person that went from a field engineer to a hardware/software specialist, there are troubleshooting techniques you learn and use. These are applicable not matter if you’re building a diy project, kit or anything else.

Cover the coordinate system somewhere… Most people feel comfortable with two dimensions in their work, but we can see them crash into each other in the 2d world of vehicular roadways :face_with_spiral_eyes:

You can live in that world, but if you have to align it, back to 3 dimensions.

This relates directly to a machine origin, user origin or current position that get people into trouble.

These are applicable to any cnc machine, laser or mill or …

@Billie_Ruben also has a tool for measuring the laser kerf

Both sites could use a good place to have all of this…

How do you propose to collect, sort and post this information so someone can find it?

I’ll help if possible… lead the way


My goal would be to make it mostly be a list of other resources, with descriptions to help people know what to look at, and explicitly not writing a competing troubleshooting guide. I would like to collect references in this thread, and then sort them into an article to add to that category and link from the pinned New to K40: Start Here article.

At some point if I get bored I might do some rewriting to try to make those pages more concise. But I haven’t had that problem lately. :smiley:

Are we starting this or is it a fishing expedition?

Is there some place we can put link/information you may use or ?


Fishing expedition?

I have the downside here that I haven’t even finished building my laser cutter so my knowledge is theoretical so far. I first thought of just linking to the Lightburn page from New to K40: Start Here but then wanted feedback and discussion here for whether a whole new collection of resources would make more sense.

But if you have suggestions for resources, just mentioning them here would be a great place to collect them.

I guess if it’s just a few, we can add them to the top page; otherwise, we can build a new page.

I think it’s a good idea no matter how you view it.

Does Discourse have a way to identify links that are currently bad? To me this is always a concern, but we’ll have to live with it. I’ve seen strike through in on some sites… is it available here? It’s a very nice option I wish the Lightburn forum had.

I’m willing to put information here.

I suspect there are plenty of users here with great information. If you want them all dumped into one bucket, it’ll be hard to find things and more difficult to sort things out for whomever is managing it.

I’ll drop by and check when I get a notification…


Discourse doesn’t have a feature that I’m aware of to automatically periodically scrape all site links, and after enough time of them consistently failing to resolve, rebuilding any affected pages to mark them up as “bad”

I’m trying to stay high-level here, not create a pile of everything possible.

Got it… I’ll keep reading these as they come up…


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