Short version: I'll build a 3d printer one day,

Short version: I’ll build a 3d printer one day, but for now I’d like to build an extruder/hot end to tinker with. I’m sure I have most all the parts downstairs and I have a lathe and cnc mill.

What types of stepper motors are you folks using with your hot ends? I would like to see if their ratings match anything I have downstairs.

How is the feed controlled? By gcode or the printer’s firmware?

Can you point me to any avr-based diy printer control boards?

That will get you started. Bowden Extruders are common. I don’t know much, but that is where I would look.

That answered the bulk of my technical questions. I can understand the reasoning behind gearing the head now. I’ll integrate that into my design.

I was actually looking for that page for a long time, I couldn’t find the page I wanted to show you, but it solved both of our problems I guess.

I’m going to dig out some of the more common parts tonight… motor, bearing, dig through the box of gears etc. I think before I decide on anything I should decide on a size and buy some filament.

As for the hardware (RAMPS etc) I’m honestly not up to speed in that area. I need to compare the options. I’ll look into that more tonight when I’m on a pc.

If you want, @Gee_Willikers , I’ll send you all the printed parts, the hobbed bolt, and the plywood insulator for a mendel herringbone cold end, meaning you’d just have to source the hot end. We’ve accumulated several that have aesthetic but not functionally important errors that we can’t sell.

I’ll message you @John_Bump

I saw this and thought it may be useful for you, if you are making an extruder you will need a way to push the filament, this is a quick and dirty way to diy the gear, also it is a decent write up on the logic and testing behind the build.

We look to be local(ish) to each other. You been to Pumping Station One?

I’ve got a MakerGear extruder kit that will be delivered tomorrow. You want to stop by (Elgin) and check it out? It helps to hold the bits in your hand more than photos on the internet to understand them.

I think I’m scrapping my diy build idea. A kit would obviously be less headaches. I’m leaning toward building a Mendel max 2 with eBay sourced parts. Thoughts? I’m after a ridgid machine that can do detail work (figurines etc) with the proper tuning.

I went with the kit route for my first one. I got a complete kit, so I knew all the bits where there. I just ebayed parts for my 2nd printer.