Shipwreck :| After my initial prints with the MK3, which were more than reasonable,

Shipwreck :expressionless:

After my initial prints with the MK3, which were more than reasonable, I had a break of a couple of weeks and didn’t touch the Prusa, just to have this bad surprise upon re-starting playing with it.

I reckon that I haven’t got much experience with slicing and settings and most likely even a good understanding of all the parameters that go into having a successful 3D print so I am taking this to you guys: what could have gone wrong for this to happen and what can I do to solve it?

PS: the benchy wasn’t broken, I just gave it some twist and it so easily broke at the bad layers bonding you see in the pic. This benchy is from the original Prusa SD Card and the settings I ended up at the end of the print were: Nozzle:215, Bed:65, Flow:115, Speed:100. Filament is Prusa Grey PLA that came with the Printer and the Live-Z adjustment is at about -0.400.

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No advice, anybody? :slight_smile: Maybe this is just something obvious I am missing out of lack of experience …

Perhaps re-run the calibration. Could also be a partial clog. Are you using the prusa pla?

Yes, prusa PLA and rerun the whole calibration … the only thing that is different from the beginning is that I lowered a bit the PINDA and the Z adjustment is different now, -0.400 compared to -0.570 that I had before… other than tjat I can’t think of anything different.

Could also be wet filament, you know pla can be Hydro scopic, you haven’t touched it for a while that could be your issue. Might need a dry box.

In 2 weeks? :-/

I’m in the NW USA and ya 2 weeks, hell 2 days! It rains ALOT. :rainbow:

Dry box maybe?
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How about a PID for temp and pinda probe? Perhaps the temps varied too much during printing.

Did you check the prusa forum?

Also check the calibration on your extruder. Mine just failed a couple of prints. Mine would start printing fine then under extrude. I am thinking the ptfe tube in the hotend.