Shiny new Z stage coming together.

Shiny new Z stage coming together. And that black stuff is di-bond before you ask.

I like the idea of using the frame for the guides.
Are all four corners the same? If so, is there any issue with being overconstrained?

@lynnroth not as badly as using 4 shafts because their are only 4 planar constraining surfaces. There’s enough give in the system to prevent binding and the bed is deliberately heavy. Proof will be in the printing I guess.

Where did you buy your Di-bond from? How was the price for it?

Local Aluminium supplier in New Zealand (Ulrich).

@Tim_Rastall ​ thanks for the explanation. That is helpful. I look forward to seeing the results.

Man I can’t believe I just noticed the angle aluminum. Nice trick.

@Eclsnowman yeah. Driven by necessity when I realized the wheels I’d bought weren’t going to run nicely on the slot in the profiles.

@Jason_Barnett it costs $80 nzd for a 2.4mx1.2m sheet.

@Ashley_Webster yep, it’s just regular Misumi 2020 I had a pile of. Vslot and delrin wheels are quite pricey compared to angled extrusion and shower door wheels :slight_smile:

@Ashley_Webster they’re nylon and don’t move much so I’m not expecting any wear issues.