Shauki Bagdadi  Here is my saw and the twelve 24 inch tubes I cut

@Shauki Here is my saw and the twelve 24 inch tubes I cut from 10.5 foot lengths of tubing to make the structure of my quadstrap. I used a 60 tooth carbide-tipped blade and it cut right through the tubing. I’m working on the bolt sizes and quantities to match the available bearings so I can start drilling holes.

I’m finding that the bearings on Ebay are much cheaper in metric sizes but the metric bolts at the hardware store are much cheaper in SAE. I would like things to fit well but I don’t want to over think this.

Some of the later Quadrap pictures don’t show the cross bracing. Do I need that for this smaller version or can I get good prints without it?

The Bosch Multi Material blades are awesome for aluminum:, I think Tim Rastall uses the same one.
If you have a miter saw with e.g. a laser guide, you can cut those profile pretty precisely, with an accuracy better than a millimeter.

Is there any way to compensate for little inaccuracies like these?

I did setup a stop for cutting the tubes using some scrap lumber. I didn’t include that on the photo. The lengths of the tubes are almost exactly the same. I may touch some of them on the sander before I drill holes to make sure everything is square and even.

@Thomas_Sanladerer I found that 60 tooth blade is good enough with the aluminum tubing and is much cheaper than the 80 tooth multi-material blades. I haven’t tried cutting the plate for the stepper motors yet. It may be harder to cut since the surface is larger.