Shapoko 3 tearing up some painted wood last week

Shapoko 3 tearing up some painted wood last week

That’s a really cool technique. I may have to borrow that.

I’ve done something similar with anodized aluminum. It looks spectacular if you have speed/feed set up so you have smooth edges.

@John_Bump I have done powder coated aluminum quite a few times and live the contrast.

One of these days I’ll get around to trying powder coating. I’d love to do a black powdercoat, then tape it with polyimide, engrave it on the cnc, coat with some strong primary color down in the grooves, and pull the tape and see what it looks like. I bet it’d be fantastic.

@John_Bump powder coating is super easy too! I highly recommend it. It’s like a cheaper, easier, less messy, and more durable spray paint

What sort of powdercoating gun do you use, @Jeromy_Ainsworth ?

@Jeromy_Ainsworth ​ Does the paint help reinforce the fibers of the wood? I’ve been experiencing some chipping in my top layer of ply wood trying to do cuts similar to this

@Alex_Krause – sharp bit, very high rpm, and if you absolutely need a perfect surface try putting tape or a waste board over it.

@John_Bump how thick of a waste board would you recommend?

@John_Bump if I can’t achieve a very high rpm can I reduce feed rate to reduce the “chip load” on my cutter?

Yes, but that does increase the risk of the tool rubbing and burning.