Set laser pulse lenght

Is it possible to set the lenght of the time, the laser in on on each pulse, when using Dithering?

Why would you want to do that? It works perfectly as it is.
Just set the correct power (which defines the PWM pulse with).

For best quality, set the “bitmap dpi” (in settings / file settings) to 254 and the “beam diameter” (in settings / machine) to 0.1mm. This sets the target pixel size to 0.1mm and makes sure each pixel of the image will be used for one pixel of the engraving (because DPI / 254 matches 0.1mm).

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Is not a matter of quality. When engraving/marking chopper this setting (even set to 100%) does perform at all.

In comparison: I used the original software, delivered with the laser machine, which can define the laser-burn-time. With this software i was able to engrave chopper.

An it makes totally sense. The PWM only defines the intensity (“brightness”) of the laser. a “laser-burn-time” defines how long the laser burns using the defined intensity.
And for sure a laser set to 100% intensity by PWM has different bring results when it burns the same spot for a longer period of time.

But as a i understand, this feature is not available otherwise it would have been part of the answer.
So i cant use LaserWeb for some scenarios.

But thanks for your time either way

What do you mean with chopper?
Which machine do you have and what is the “original software”?

There is no “staying a the same point” for a certain time! All supported firmwares (like Grbl) move continously while switching the lasers PWM value, they always make lines. These lines are just very short (configurable, as I wrote). The total energy “one” point gets is a function of PWM value and feed.

Sorry not “Chopper” but copper. Precisely a one sided pcb board.

The Software is named VigoEngraverL7. Its from VigoTec and is used for the 20W laser engraver.

The function/setting is called “Engraving time per point”. It is only available when you are using a dot-pattern.