Servo setup F1.

(Daniel Norée) #1

Servo setup F1.

(Tyler Caros) #2

Thank you. This is a huge help. We are printing this out of PETG and PC here at Airwolf 3D on the new AXIOM printers. We would love to talk if you have time soon. My email is Loving this build, thanks for sharing!

(Daniel Norée) #3

Ok, good to hear. I´ll try to add some documentation on how to set up the steering and servo.
And thanks for the kind words.

(Mav r1ck) #4

I was just trying to figure this out. Thank you

(TinkerMake) #5

@Daniel_Noree this was my biggest issue, so what metal did you use for the servo linkage? I tried paper clip and it was no good. Thanks in advance.

(Daniel Norée) #6

@TinkerMake ​ initially I used “piano wire” but it was pain to work with so lately I’ve been using 1,5mm alu welding rod.

(TinkerMake) #7

@Daniel_Noree Ok, will need to look into that…I don’t have any welding rod laying around. Will post up if I find an alternative that works. Thanks.