Send Gcode to Workspace does nothing most of the time

Can anyone tell me why Eagle widget Send Gcode to Worspace seems to do absolutely nothing when I press it 19 times out of 20.

I can usually get one to send if Im very lucky, then it seems locked. No errors, no messages, just a button click that does nothing.

If I reset browser caches and refresh everything 9 times, and restart the server 15 times, it might eventually work if im real lucky.

Thats on Firefox, Chrome, and Safari. They’ all do the same thing.


Just tried it and it works fine. It would help to maybe post some screenshots of your sequence?

Ok thanks for taking a look. I noticed it works every time on the top layer, only fails on the bottom layer which made me wonder if it was having an issue with the bottom layer for some reason.

I just nudged a couple of things and resaved and it appears to work now.

Is there any kind of log output that could help in identifying why the Eagle widget cant process a layer properly?

Also, is there any way to change the default settings in the Eagle widget?

I find I need the same settings each time, but in trouble shooting, I’m having to fill out those boxes ALOT which is a huge time waster.


There is a lot of debug info spit out into the Javascript console, but you do have to turn on the debug output. So hit ctrl+shift+j to show the Javascript console in your browser. Then go to this menu to turn on debug.

There is no way to change default settings in the Eagle BRD widget. I too would like that feature.

“Google+ Community” RIP

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Ok cheers for the help. I notice a few forked versions of widgets on GitHub. But how would one use anything but the widgets on the main site?

Sorry if there is info on this but I cant find it.

Unfortunately you can’t really fork stuff anymore as the Google cloud engine broke some functionality and there are no resources to update it.

Well thats quite a shame.

It’s such a great web app, but in dire need of workflow improvements, at least for me.

I got excited to see someone trying to get an offline version working, as they should allow user changes.
Alas I couldn’t get it working and seems untouched in 5 years :frowning:

Having Eagle board import is a great time saver compared to other methods involving lots of converting.
But having to reset up the parameters each time (and perhaps forget one and mess the job up) kinda negates the benefits.

Is there any hope of things opening up again for forks etc?

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At work, we open sourced our wrapper around the appengine APIs and then had to port everything over to new APIs. So a lot of what someone would need to do to move from the old APIs to the new APIs is basically encoded in commits here from about September 2019 to January 2020.