Seems like there's a lot of inexpensive PLA showing up on Amazon,

Seems like there’s a lot of inexpensive PLA showing up on Amazon, any experience with this stuff, recommended brands/vendors, etc.?

Which one are you referring to?

Nothing specific, just looking for recommendations. I’m considering ordering some because I can get it fast and shipped for free, but I don’t want to bother if it’s junk :slight_smile:

I’m seeing stuff like “justpla” and “sainsmart”, etc. that seem to be around $30/kilo

While i can neither speak for the US vendors nor for PLA brands, the experience i had with cheap (20€/kg) ABS was, as expected, not the same as with premium filament, but never bad enough to consider it unprintable. Issues included:
Wildly inconsistent diameter between spools and somewhat inconsistent during a single spool
Sub-par interlayer adhesion
Moisture (bubbles)
High extrusion temps
…which are all issues that you can work around. But depending on how much your time is worth. you might or might not want to shell out the premium for brand-name filament. Since my time as a college student is rarely worth more than 8€/hour, i gladly take the time and fiddle around until i get every filament to do what i want.

I have a reel of red jet pla from Amazon. I don’t know if I just didn’t find the correct temperature or if something else on my end was amiss but contrary to the other PLA I use (Ultimaker and Faberdashery… damn I still haven’t tested the Pla from +Florian Horsch, sorry mate :/) I had major issues making it stick to the bed and to this day haven’t managed to do one successful print with it.

Thanks for the feedback folks. I’ve had good luck with Ultimachine stuff so far so for the extra time & money I’ll probably stick with them (at least until I have a spare printer to mess up :slight_smile:

Some guys at the lab have bought 3mm PLA from amazon, and it has been the worst shit I’ve ever had to deal with.

I have some of the Zen Toolworks 1.75mm PLA. I’m not sure how its price compares with others, but it has been working well for me.

@Jason_Gullickson , I wonder if you’re talking about @Joseph_Chiu 's PLA which he mentioned he’s selling on Amazon.

@Tony_Olivo , we only recently started to sell the filament we sell at at Amazon. Our is $42/kg.