Second part of the following post:

Second part of the following post: []

Here is my extruder entirely home made. Now I need to find filament to test it…
TIPS: I used a mixture sand and paint for the wheel on Stepper. This seems to work and grip properly :slight_smile:








Cool. How long have you printed with it? I am curious if any grains of sand will pop out of the paint and jam your nozzle or end up in your print.

I wonder if plastic gets stuck between the grains of sand and makes it so you have to clean or replace your sandy wheel.

ATM, this is just a prototype. I don’t even have filament to test. I just simulate it with a 3mm electric cable. This cost me so far: 0$. Only from part and pieces I had. I only got a lathe to work with. I will test the head soon and get back here to give you feedback to tell you if it was clever idea … Or stupid one! :slight_smile:

do i spot a meccano angle bracket in there ???

@Gary_Wilson exact !!! :slight_smile: I knew those little piece of metal would be useful one day!