Sealing case questions

I have read in a few different places that sealing the case will dramatically improve with ventilation. Many places have recommended using HVAC aluminum tape. All that being said, I haven’t found any guides or videos on how to actually go about sealing the case. Anyone have any recommendations?

One thing to remember is that for there to be good exhaust flow, you must replace the air that is being evacuated. So sealing the case can actually decrease the amount of air flow.


There isn’t really any need to seal the case. You will have enough flow that it will not matter.


All good points regarding airflow. Along that vein, I have seen people who add inlet fans to the front of their case (computer case fans, normally). I have heard warnings of positive pressure due to much air coming in with too little coming out.

My exhaust is an in-line fan (6in, “160 CFM free air to maximum boosted air 250 CFM”).

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I would plan on running at the max speed. My 6in fan is fixed at 240 cfm and I wouldn’t really want any less. I don’t really see any need to add fans blowing in from the front.


OK, that sounds good, Ned. Thank you. I received word last night that they are shipping my K40 now. Waiting on the tracking number…