Sea Goddess Trident Wand

(Ned Hill) #1

My daughter is going to a god and goddess dance this weekend. She’s going as a sea goddess so I made her this trident wand. Turned the handle from cherry and the trident head was laser cut from 3mm ply. Did a wrap with jewelry wire to dress up the top of the handle where I slotted the trident head.

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(Don Kleinschnitz Jr.) #2

Looks great, nice work!
BTW: copper fittings work well for ferrils on handles.

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(Stephane BUISSON) #3

Best Dad in the world ! Surely a good place to be with Goddess ;-))

(0.45 NACL) #4

Here’s what you do with your wand when your daughter is done with it.

Control Smart Home With Magic Wand Video

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(Ned Hill) #5

Lol nice. I had already been think on how I could install something electronic into a wand, like some LEDs. Was thinking I could cut the wood stock in half, carve out some space and then glue the halves back together before turning.

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