Sculpfun S9 laser

Hello Makers,

I am planning to buy a new budget laser engraver/cutter just for home projects and this laser got my attention, need advise if this is a better choice for a diode laser.
I’ve read and watched reviews and they all seem to give positive feedbacks.

I am learning a lot in this forum ,thanks everyone specially to our admin.
You all guys rock!

What do you plan to do with it?
Do you want/can do modifications if so what upgrades do you want to make?

I am in the process of modifying this one which is less expensive:

The most important thing to pay attention to is the laser module and its power and the controller’s compatibility with software.

Its specs say it is a 6W (optical power) and will cut through 15mm wood.
I am skeptical that 6W can cut like this? They suggest has this ability because of the thin and long-waisted (DOF) [some compression technology and long DOF]? Interesting that the cutting is done without air assist.
These things do not track with what I know about the current ability of laser diode systems.

That said, the customer reviews suggest that buyers have proven these claims to be true. Be careful these reviews could be faked.

These are other features that I like:

  • The 4 cornered vs candleverd frame.
  • Sliding laser module focus (I may copy this on my machine)
  • Optical Sheild built into the head
  • Works with Lightburn & LsrGrbl (according to some of the customer reviews)

These are things I would worry about:

  • Is it really capable of cutting like advertised
  • Can it really work with Lightburn or LsrGrbl I did not notice the manuf. claiming such
  • How and from where is the firmware updated in the controller
  • Who is the maker of this laser head and how to get more information
  • Where do you get support for firmware and software problems. My experience with Bangood support is not good. They do not answer technical questions adequately if at all. Mostly a run-around. I think these off-brand manufactures buy parts and box them, they know little about the technical aspects of the units. This of course is one of the normal challenges of buying from china…

I will be interested to see if this thing meets its claims.


Here is the amazon offer it may provide a better “return” process.

Look at the reviews on Amazon:

This machine is built pretty well, and seems to track and lay down accurate laser etching lines…but…in its description it states that it can cut 1/2 inch thick woood…it came with 1/8 inch thick sample pieces and it took four passes at speed 200mm at full power to start cutting through the wood…I moved the piece before the 5 pass so I ended up having to use an exacto knife on the back side…after which I tried cutting a 1/4 inch thick piece of pine hobby board…with the piece elevated so I could see if the bottom side was being cut through, I reduced the speed to 100mm and after the tenth pass it still wasn’t cutting through it??? Maybe defective laser diode?..thinking about returning. Spent $150 more on this model since it stated that it could cut 1/2 inch thick wood…


Thanks for this great info @donkjr , just wanted to do some engraving and simple cut for personalized gifts. I have no plans to modify it as i thought this would be enough to what i wanted to do so far. I am also quiet skeptical with its capability specially in cutting 15mm thick wood as advertised. Yes, I agree those review could be biased and fake specially when it is sponsored, reason why i seek for advise here.

I will reconsider and find a better one, how about Atomstack or Ortur brand which is in the same price range.

many thanks!

I’ve got one of these S9’s. It’s my first laser engraver/cutter so i can’t compare it to others, but it does what it says it will. I just literally ran a 15mm test piece of wood through it. It needs 100% and about at least 6 passes, but it does it without air assist.

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It does what it says it will. Cuts 15mm solid wood. 100% at 6+ passes. Works with Lightburn and LaserGRBL.

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thanks @genepatton, good to know.
how many mm/s in 6 passes?

15mm in 6 passes, all without air assist. Solid wood not mdf or balsa.


MMmmmm its hard to argue with that pictures results :slight_smile:

Does it say anywhere what laser that is other than S3?
What focal length does it run at?

Also is there a support site for the product other than Bangood?

Well if this can cut 10mm I would think mine should come close to that also [no tried yet].

Mine has a G8 lens [I think] which is a .07 x .13 and is 5W
The sculpfun is 5.5W no idea of what lens. Spot size of .08mm square beam vs rectangular

Is the “spot compression technology” they advertise simply the use of a better G8 lens [columation]. Inquiring minds …

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Here is their official website, unfortunately S9 model is not yet in their list.

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At least they gave you an email address to use.
The sculpfun site is much better than Vigotek …

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I’m sorry, but if that wood is 15mm thick, you mut be a giant. Please post a pictrue with a caliper.

I’ve got big feet too if you’re wondering :kissing_smiling_eyes:

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I think it was 300/400 mm/min

I was thinking if that wood is 15 mm you must have a huge micrometer!

Sorry, couldn’t resist…

Perhaps we lifer K40ers are being change avoidant … not considering Laser Diodes as a replacement :thinking:

I know I miss the water, ice, and high voltage!
I would also miss the laser beam… just that I cannot see it!


May I ask what type of solid wood?