Sculpfun S30 Pro Max: X spindle "stuck" (came delivered with this issue)

So, long story INCREDIBLY short… the x axis came pre-assembled and once I got everything together, it would not slide. When the belts for the x axis are off, or loose, the carriage slides freely. Once the belts are secured, it’s locked in place. Decided to connect it and configure it to meerk40t to test the motor itself.

[Was able to configure it in 0.9.2 alongside my S9 machine, copy the folder, make a 2nd script to launch separately and run 2 instances of meerkat at the same time with each cutter working independent from the other]

Upon trying to move the x axis via meerk40t, I get a grinding noise and I can see it trying to move, but nothing happens. Youtube was a dead end as far as my choice of keywords as well as google. If someone could link me to something that explains how the x axis it assembled or actually troubleshoots this problem, that would be great. Otherwise, I assume the motor is bad or the spindle is too tight somewhere and will request the seller replace the gantry. Thanks in advance for any and all help!

Have you tried disconnecting the belts, then trying a homming sequence to see if the motors operate with code?
That would be my first test, as it would tell me if the motors operate at all, with power, and you could press the end stop switches individually to see if the motors reverse, or brake… Keeping your trigger finger on the power button incase there is something mis-happening.
My second check would be if the belt sprocket is tight against the motor, or rubbing against a housing.

Not all is lost. If you have an ‘extra’ motor put it in and get with their support group to replace the bad one, or wait for them to send you a new one… like that’s gonna happen quickly - lol.

Its definitely the y axis motor on ths original build (as opposed to the extra that comes with the expansion kit). Going to reavh out to the seller to see if they will replace that motor in a timely manner or not. This technically d.o.a. machine is fesdong into my procrastination.

Footage of me trying to run the motor with the belt completely loose: