Sculpfun laser with MKS V 2.1 board

Long story short, I had to buy a new board for my s9. I ended up getting the MKS Gen L 2.1 Ive hooked it up from what i can find in other forums and Facebook groups but not only is it still not working the 2 pin red connector that has the single wire coming from the laser has no place to hook up. I apologize for how silly this may seem to anyone else but any help would be much appreciated!

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Someone has had to use this board before.

Welcome Matt,
Is this an S9 or S9 Pro?

Original controller:
Why did you not do a direct replacement of the board?
What functions stopped working?

New Controller:
Can you describe where each cable originates & what function it provides? I.E. what does the other end of these cables look like?
What functions are working and not working?
What firmware/Software are you using to drive the new board?

Guessing at the wiring.

The specs on this look strange: I don’t know if this means Low = 0, High = 5-12V .

Is the wiring functions shown below correct?

Post pictures of the laser head showing views of all its markings.

Does your head look like this?

Got these hints this video.
Como Instalar cabezal laser SCULPFUN S6 a CNC casera (Haciendo primeras pruebas) - YouTube