Scifi space fighter

New model I am working on for 3d print.

Inspired by the famous Macross anime but not any variation. I still have a bit more detail to add to model. Right now I am debating whether to add a top rail gun or if that will be too much.

Not sure if anyone cares but this is how I sliced up the model for 3d printing.

Always a fun exercise, especially when I didn’t model specifically for any special slicing.

9 hours into printing now and many more to go. This model is probably in my top 5 favorite so far.

scifi space plane exploded view


Printed in PLA at 18 inches long and took about a full roll of filament. Fast and ugly modeling so needed a few seconds with a lighter to make one of the pieces fit. Downside on not using CAD and then not modeling correctly. Still need to glue up and prime to put into the long list of models that need painting.