SBC with a lot of features, will run Linux and Android and is cheap! $7.99

@donkjr I am talking to you! :grinning:




I think this is list of distros supported for it:


@donkjr I bought two to play with.

I’d definitely have bought some, but shipping to Oz is more than double the price of a single item. Then with currency conversion would’ve ended up not such a great deal here, damned shame. Thanks for the heads up @donkjr .

Well I was able to open the package today and can verify that it is an Pine board. It has a 16GB Sandisk card too. I went to reorder more but surprise! They are no more. :sob:


Installed and fired up LibreELEC(KODI) and it was very responsive. Will have to play with an Android install and see how it goes.

Android was a bust but I am running Debain 8 bionic and so far it is actually very snappy. I am running a HDMI to DVI adapter with a resolution of 1920 x 1200. Chromium runs snappy and I was able to open a news feed with a realtime video feed with very little lag. Running wired 1 Gig Ethernet.

Not sure what I will use this for but it has a lot of possibilities.


Run Win10 and drive my CNC with it using chillipepper?

I do not see why that would not work.