SainSmart LC-40 Laser CNC

I have had enough grief with this LC-40 and would like to use an Arduino board instead of the board that came with this machine, I have an older 3018 that was both rotary and laser and I believe the board was Woodpecker. The x and y axis are in good shape and the motors are new so could I bolt a new Arduino on to this?

I’d suggest considering a more modern board. There are many that can support a diode laser.

I was just using that as it is in front of me, I am a NOVICE of a Beginner and I am 76yrs and I have a hard time in the memory bucket with out breaking the bank (Pension) and using Chinese stuff which way should I go as I already have the CNC machine.

Tell us about the “enough grief” you have had. We’d hate to invest time into helping you jump out of the frying pan into the fire. :smiling_face:

The Woodpecker boards controller is an atmega328p … better known as an Arduino micro-controller…

Woodpecker schematic

I had no problems with mine… both milling and using a low end supplied laser module… enough of a shot for my laser addiction :sob:

I agree with @mcdanlj, what seems to be the issue…? Maybe we can save you a few bucks…


I bought an LC-40 from Sainsmart and that was a good month ago and I cannot burn much more than a couple dots have had Sainsmart trying to help and they thought it was the board and sent me a new one and that helped. I followed the beginner’s video to the letter and when I pushed start, Well look at the video


You need to change who can access to the video link… I can’t… :sob:


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I am as dumb as they come when it comes to computers but I think you can access the files now. One other thing with this LC-40 is that it is designed for smartphones if you want to use Lightburn then you have to download a newer GRBL firmware and if you want to use Lazer GRBL then you need the original firmware. My machine is loaded with the original firmware to get the GRBL firmware I have to find the file then copy it and then rename it and then there is another file to download right now I am working with Sainsmart for them to use TeamViewer to install the newer GRBL firmware, I am worried that if my computer decides to burp will I lose the Lightburn GRBL and if that happens I am done.I am told that when you first start the machine if it homes than I have the original and if I have the newer firmware it will not home , am I making any sense?
My idea is to convert the machine to the arduino GRBL and use it that way the circuit board is 32 bit and I have no idea who it is made by.

So I’m sure that’s not what you want… Your Woodpecker is an arduino type controller… what advantage would it be to go from a Arduino type controller to another Arduino based controller…?

Arduino grbl will not run on one of the 32bit machines without a bit of modification… including recompiling the source. I wouldn’t try it, as the working software is already available.

The 32bit control board probably has some type of grbl already running on it…

I’d make sure it’s running in it’s default state or configuration before changing out any hardware…

I can access it now… :grin:

It looks like the laser isn’t focused. It’s clearly firing… Can you double check the focus with a ramp test?


The cnc will not run long enough before it will time out, I was reading the manual again and Sainsmart is using a special board that is designed for a smart phone and I do not have a cell I am stuck in the 70’s. Thanks for trying I am going to buy a new Laser CNC but not Sainsmart.
Have a nice summer