SainSmart Genmitsu PROVerXL 4030

I was given a brand new PROVerXL 4030 by a friend, who had bought and built it, but never got around to using.

I have set it up but there seems to be a few problems with it the y axis will travel back and forth, as demonstrated in the video attached.

But when I jog the x axis it hardly moves, as demonstrated in the second attached video.

The z axis only goes one way too, and sounds horrendous. See 3rd attached video.

I really need help in sorting this out please, in how I can fix this, so I can start using this machine.

Don’t want to click on “Google Drive Sign in” ??

You’ll need to replace those links with links to the videos. Make sure that they are shared with anyone who has the link.

Im new to this sort of thing, so not sure how to.
I thought i had done as you suggested, which was to copy the link to each video through google drive

The links you posted are to sign into google drive.

In google drive, you can click “share” and then to share with anyone with the link and then copy the link that it provides.

Also, you said you shared three videos but there were two links.

Its weird because when i do as you say, share the link its asking for the group or person but wont give me a link

Is this better

That works

Those two, on the other hand, do not render for me in my browser. This is why we tend to recommend posting links to video-sharing services like youtube and vimeo, rather than uploading videos directly; those services “transcode” the videos to work on many browsers and devices, and uploading a video directly depends on the browser knowing the particular format in which it was recorded, which has been different for different browsers.

I don’t like this, but I don’t have anything better to offer. :frowning:

Ive added 2 videos to the original post, as it says im a new user and add more than to links

Thank you.
Ill have to look at it tomorrow in how to upload to youtube or vimeo

Ive replaced the 2 links in my original post with youtube links to the videos.
I could only post the 2, the x axis and the z axis issues