Sadly, most of my projects are covered under NDAs until they're in public view,

(Tom Schubert) #1

Sadly, most of my projects are covered under NDAs until they’re in public view, and by the time they are out in the wild I never remember to post up any videos or explanations to thank you guys (and gals.). I thought this year I’d pre-post a few, generalized, macro shots of my current projects utilizing FASTLed. Maybe it’ll help remind me to add final post shots and complete code :wink:

Below are a few snippets of displays I’m shipping out today for an event on February 3rd, currently-most are just running demo code to test functionality.

Again, I want to thank everyone involved in this community for your continued guidance and inspiration.


P.S. the audio is garbage as it was shot in my shop with machine noise.

(Ken White) #2

@Tom_Schubert - Magnificent!!! I am looking forward to when you will be able to describe where these awesome builds are being publicly used and it would not violate your NDAs.

(Marc Miller) #3

Looks IIImpressive. :wink:

(Yves BAZIN) #4

@Tom_Schubert really really cool

(Mike Katchmar) #5

Looks like you do exhibit work, maybe for trade shows? Adding LEDs to signs and displays would be a fun job!

The still photo of the LED strip at the end is just as exciting as the videos, it captures the magic of the DIY community.