Running two K-40's at once

I wanted to revisit this question, I asked it about a year or more ago but technology changes daily it seems.

Is it possible to run two K40’s from one laptop? Could I have two sessions of K40 Whisperer running and each is connected to a separate laser? Thanks in advance.

By the way I have used a K40 for two years now for business engraving and these machines are great value for what you can do with them. Technically I am on my second machine but I have engraved probably 2000 items in the past 2 years.

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I would expect it is possible and since K40 Whisperer is a python2 application you should be able to run it twice from 2 different sessions. I don’t do Windows but if that is your platform I would look for how you run it from a commandline and try it with two different DOS prompts opened.

I don’t have 2 M2Nano boards( only one ) so I can’t see if there’s any effect changing the connection port on each instance. They do run simultaneous.

Changes in Version 0.55:

  • Fixed multi-machine operation under Windows 10

Guess that means that it’s supposed to work.

Meerk40t also supports multiple machines:

If you upgrade the controllers, you can also run two instances of LightBurn (single license) on the same PC/laptop to talk to the two machines.