Running K40 Whisperer on systems with ARM CPUs

DO NOT GET A MAC THAT IS RUNNING A M1 CHIP!!!!! K40 DOES NOT WORK SPECIFICALLY ON M1 CHIPS also the Surface Pro X will not run K40 Whisperer because It Runs ARM chip…ARM & M1 ARE NOT K40 WHISPERER COMPATIBLE. JUST THOSE :slight_smile:
all other Macs Run Whisperer Fine Using BootCamp Assistant


Greetings Bro. Tree and welcome to the forum.

I take it from the emphatic nature of your post that you determine these things after a lot of hair pulling? :yum:

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Dylan, are you trying to run a precompiled binary on the M1? I’m on Linux and have run K40 Whisperer from source just fine since it’s a Python app so it should run on the M1 based Macs if you run from the source and have the Python runtime installed.

Here is an example of someone who has K40Whisperer running on the ARM based Raspberry Pi:


You may also want to try this:

It’s a bit command-line oriented… but looks reasonably easy to follow if you can handle that.

  • Disclaimer; I am neither a Mac, nor a K40-whisperer user…

Good find Owen! Hopefully there is someone here with a MacOS M1 who can try and verify this works and provide feedback to the maintainer( create a git issue report ) if something fails. As long as the latest packages of the 3 needed(see below) are installed, they have native/M1 support, then K40 Whisperer it should work. I looked up all 3 and it’s stated native Apple silicon is supported.

The 3 packages/commands needed to run K40 Whisperer on MacOS M1 are:
brew install libusb
brew cask install xquartz
brew cask install inkscape