Running K40 on 12v

I’m curious… due to a recent project I’ve decided to take up, I’m interested in finding out the real feasibility of powering a K40 on a 12v system. Is there a power supply that supports this in any fashion? Or is there any general solution anyone has found that proves this is doable? I’d be open to installing a secondary power supply for this that I can switch back and forth from if I wanted to use the same machine on a standard 110 connection. I’m just sincerely curious if this is a plausible thing (and if someone has actually accomplished this).

Do you mean run an Inverter off of 12VDC(battery?) to run the K40? I guess the first thing you want to do is profile the power needs of the K40 into Watts and then convert that to amps at 12V then amp-hours and you’ll have the battery needs per hour.

If you mean running everything from 12V(LPS, control/motors) then it is unlikely you’ll find a LPS that’ll run from 12VDC and it’s likely you’ll miss steps running the stepper motors on 12V instead of 24V and might burn up some wires/connectors as it tries to pull 2x the current.

Go with a pure sinewave inverter or better yet a small inverter based generator like the Honda EU2000i.