Rudia KT332N, LightBurn and Air Assist

I bought my 50W CO2 laser about a year ago. I’ve been using LightBurn software to run the laser and it’s been a pleasure to use once I got it figured out.

One outstanding issue I still had to sort out was getting LightBurn to control the on/off of the air assist.

Should have been straight forward, according to the LightBurn documentation, but it wouldn’t work and I was just controlling the air assist manually from the laser control panel. Also, I could not find anywhere else where someone had doc this issue.

In LightBurn, under Machine Settings, I had set Enable air-assist output to True. I had also turned on the enable air-assist in the layer settings.

The laser has a KT332N Rudia controller and I finally figured out that there were conflicting settings in the vendor parameters that LightBurn was not accessing. Had to set (Menu–>Param Set–>Auxi.air) the Auxi. air mode to Blow when cutting and set the Open and Close times to 0 ms. I now have full control through LightBurn. :tada:


Of course there now a new post from just yesterday on the LightBurn Forum where Ed Nisley pointed out how to solve this for someone else who was having problems. Apparently it was posted after I did my last search there. :upside_down_face:


That really blows!

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Nice and useful find.

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