RSS feeds available

(Michael K Johnson) #1

If you put into your favorite RSS reader, it knows how to find the three available RSS feeds:

  • Topics
  • Posts
  • Site Help / Feedback

I find watching topics by RSS and getting email and desktop notifications for posts is about right for me at this point.

(Ned Hill) #2

Oh cool, I’ll give that a try.

(Ralph Schaffner) #3

Apparently, not all rss feed readers can do this. I’m using the Feeder Chrome extension and it can’t find the RSS feeds when given “”.

Can you post the actual feed links?

(Ralph Schaffner) #4

I figured it out. I put “” into a different rss reader and looked at what they used. will show latest posts and latest topic rss feeds will show latest posts, latest topics and the feedback rss feeds.

And the actual rss feeds are

(Michael K Johnson) #5

TL;DR — append .rss for RSS or .json for ATOM to any URL in order to watch that URL (say, for a category) or

  • All posts (including comments)
  • Latest topics (not including comments)