RPI zero W for JSSP

Has anybody ever tried an rpi zero W for running JSSP? Today I was trying an rpi 4 running chillipeppr and an rpi 3B+ with JSSP both wired and WiFi. I have a good AP in the shop up on the ceiling, with this JSSP worked the same wired and WiFi, this leads me to believe a zero W might actually work with JSSP. I don’t have a zero W so I can’t try it, so I’d like to know if anybody else has tried it before I shell out the money for one.

The rpi 4 running chilipeppr works great with just one issue, it can’t keep up with the console when running a gcode file if you have the filter turned off, so just make sure you turn on the filter when running real gcode. It’s fine to have the filter off when jogging etc. With the filter “on” the tool path updates smoothly and the milling itself runs fine.


John S.

I tried an RPi Zero a long time ago, not the W version, but the original, and it worked great. I presume when you say JSSP, you mean SPJS (serial port json server) and if so that can be run on very lightweight hardware, so you could go all the back to Raspi 2 and run it fine on there. I wouldn’t use Raspi 1. That was dog slow.