Root 3 CNC - MKS DLC V2.0


I’m getting to the point of building my Root 3 CNC that I’m almost ready to wire up the external drivers and getting this thing moving around. I just ordered the MKS DLC V2.0. It will run grbl firmware. I was thinking I’d use Cncjs for CNC software. Do I just get a Raspberry Pi 4 and use it for running Cncjs?

Root 3 <— More details about the CNC can be found here.


I’m using a 2.2kw water cooled spindle.

This is an older picture but you can at least see part of the progress.


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That’s what I currently have for a controller on my OX, which is currently in pieces as I upgrade my spindle. (I keep being distracted by working on the new laser cutter… :slight_smile:)

I’ve just hooked up my laptop to the OX via USB, and run Candle on my laptop as a sender. I’m there anyway while it’s cutting, and I can do other things on my laptop (like post on MakerForums…) while it’s sending. Sending g-code doesn’t use that much CPU, so honestly it doesn’t really matter which raspberry pi you get.

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I have learned to really like cncjs, but I have a higher powered intel NUC running my PC Brains. Not sure it needs it, but it is handy since I can also run Fusion right on that PC to make changes if I notice issues.

But there are many options for the Gcode sender. I am looking at trying Candle which Michael mentioned since it seems really clean and light weight. Also you can try the UI by Openbuilds called Control. That looks to be developed by Peter van der Walt for Openbuilds. Peter originally created laserweb along with others back in the G+ days if I recall. But really any Gcode Sender will do the job. Really once the CNC is running unless you need to Estop, or adjust feedrate it is pretty hands off. Also an MKSTFT has the option of connecting to the MKS DLC with MKSTFT-CNC, so you can even jog to Zero position via the LCD, Set Zero, and Start the code running entirely from the screen no PC required.

I am excited to see how your build progresses. Please do keep the group updated on your progress and ask any question you run into. CNC routers are a whole new animal compared to 3DP. Lots to learn, but being able to produce larger and faster strong parts compared to 3DP really opens up the possibilities of what you can create.


:sleeping: Me patiently waiting for my MKS to be delivered after ordering from AliExpress.

Seriously though, thank you for the input. I will test out some of these Gcode senders when I get the board. In the mean time I may try to get it moving around using the SKR 1.4 Turbo.

Well at least the MKS DLC V2 board is in California now. I need to get busy and build the enclosure. I did get the enclosure bottom and back cut but I need some more lumber.

I’m thinking I might run the water lines for the spindle in the cable chain along with the wiring. Not sure what else to do with it. I like the clean look.

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I ran my 8 mm tubing right through the cable chain too. It can be a tight fit depending upon how big a cable track you got. But it’s definitely worth it in my opinion. Nothing to catch start shooting water everywhere :slight_smile:

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I’m lame. My cable chain isn’t large enough for the tubing, so I’m planning to use cable ties to train it to follow along the outside of the cable chain.

If it works it works.

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I got my MKS DLC V2.0 board today. Is it weird that they only send 2 of the drivers for all the boards they sell? I would think I need 1 more driver for Z axis?

I kind of forgot I was using the external steppers. I shouldn’t need these right? I’m just plugging into where it shows external stepper driver pins:


I was able to get grbl version 1.1g loaded on it via OpenBuilds Control. @Eclsnowman pointed me in the right direction to update the firmware. I think this is the latest version.

I might need to find a case or design one that will hold the board and display.

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I think for running the CNC, you want to use this particular firmware for the screen. It has screens set up more specifically for CNC applications.


Thanks. I will try it out tomorrow.

With these files loaded on the SD card, I plug in my MKS DLC V2.0 via USB for power and the TFT shows the booting screen and then Makerbase logo. It doesn’t try to update the firmware.

I tried it again with a 16GB SD card.

The instructions look like they have an editing mistake though, they suggest the “24” variant for all sizes which can’t be right…

I don’t see anything wrong in your screenshot :confused:

Oh yeah, I see that now. Looked right over that.

Making some progress on my enclosure. Might have made it too tall at 40 inches. I forgot about the height of the wheels.