is a good provider. is a good provider. Their shipping cost is huge but the arrival date is very quick. Their packaging is very good as well. FedEx definitely didn’t take good care of my box but hey, everything looks tiptop.

Robotdigg costs me $70 in freight and arrives as quick as $15 in freight of Misumi. Misumi packaging is crazy. Like crazy good. Considering this into the price that you are paying for Misumi to realize that their pricing is actually not bad at all.

Ahh, some nema 23’s for something fun?

@Derek_Meng is the best. Shipping may be pricey, but their stuff is really high quality and the prices cannot be beat. My go-to supplier for belt, pulleys and bearings!

Time to upgrade my ox from nema 17 to nema 23 @Eclsnowman ​. Brandon hooked me up with the plates. Might as well make the upgrade.

Their price is definitely very very good. And the shipping speed for robotdigg is insane. All the way from China in a week.

@Dat_Chu ​​ that is why I have them in my BOM. I only put in vendors I trust. and are two of the best out there. @Brandon_Satterfield ​​​ and @Derek_Meng ​​​ you guys rock.

You amazing guys make owning a shop fun, makes all the work totally worth while.