Ripping old printers it's a source of good stuff,

Ripping old printers it’s a source of good stuff, and the remains can be delivered for recycling.

Originally shared by Henrik Larsen

Just ripped an old Dell color laser printer. Got myself a load of useful parts. One stepper with controller, several servo motors, gears, rods, bearings, stop sensors, humidity sensor I think, proximity sensors, a laser, laser sensor, display with keys, high voltage generator, mounting brackets, wire through cabinet things :slight_smile: and much more.

Did you try out the Laser part, is it in the visible spectrum or is IR?

Lasers from printers are usually in the invisible spectrum and are also very weak. They are just charging the paper so the toner will attract to the spots that has been hit by the laser. I don’t know what I can use such a laser for. But some day…

With a few tweaks that frame could be converted to a desktop 3d printer