Riley Porter  just got a new 3040.

@Riley_Porter_ril3y just got a new 3040. Apparently there are 1000x more of these out there globally than any CNC machine. He’s ChiliPeppr/TinyG’izing the machine by tearing out the parallel port board (Mach3 driven) that comes with it by default. I like this idea so much, I’m gonna go do the same thing.

That is indeed a nice machine. Given its price, if we can get this working with tinyg and chilipeppr, I think there will be a huge market.

Its already working my friend. Hmm I will post a pic on the community to show you.

its up.

Yeah I saw. Now I definitely want one so I can mill out aluminum. :frowning: Need moar moolas.

Those are the bestbang for buck if you get a TinyG to control them instead of Mach3 oh wat… lol
I’m gonna get a 6090 later in the year and use geckos on the X and Y with my TinyG Kinen board. How do you like it Riley? you think I could mill quarter inch 6061 in thin passes with one of these?

The spindle is lacking IMO. Its a bit weak. But the setup is solid for sure.

I wonder if it would be possible to get a kit from aliexpress with an upgraded spindle but no controller. That way no ripping is required, just buy a tinyg and put it in.

@Dat_Chu It’s probably worth investigating. You can buy the main body on its own. I bet you could assemble something pretty nice. Make sure you get ball screws, not trapezoidal screws. This one is $360 with ball screws.

Indeed. That link is a good start but they do charge a crazy amount for shipping. $520 after shipping. How much did it cost yours after shipping?

Shipping was $200 from Yoocnc.

@Riley_Porter_ril3y I was planning on getting the Makita router as a spindle. I’ve read really good things about it, like how it keeps maximum torque no matter what RPM you set it to. Also where are you folks buying these things? I was looking on ebay the past few months. Would like a better source for when I’m ready to order.

So from YooCNC, it is $799 + ~$200 shipping.

So we can save $300 if we go without the electronics. Does any one of a recommended quiet cut spindle? I can ask around aliexpress to see if they would package both in a no-electronic setup for $799.

wish they had a 6090 option, this is more of what I want

just wish I could order just the frame, no motors or electronics, I got my V9 kinen and I want Geckos anyway.

@Adam_Vadala-Roth they have some links in there for 3040 with 1500w water cooled spindle. Cool :slight_smile:

Also, YooCNC does sell a electronics-free kit for 6040:

You can add the motors in the package (extra $90) and you are good to go with a tinyg. So tempting.