Right folks, me and my buddy are looking at starting a filament distribution business

(John Keenan) #1

Right folks, me and my buddy are looking at starting a filament distribution business in Canada.

We’ll be distributing filament at tolerances of 0.5% for the Diameter, and 0.07% for the Roundness.

The price will be 25 dollars per kg, and shipping looks to be about 15 dollars for most places in Canada. We won’t be charging taxes initially, not until we get to such a size as to warrant registering for hst.

So what I’m wanting to see is how much interest there is in the product, and input from Canadian users.

(Aaron Leclair) #2

I’m definitely interested, would it be PLA or ABS?

(Shachar Weis) #3

I’m interested as well. Shipping costs are killing me.

(Alessandro Bertolucci) #4

ditto here - but first I need to get my printer

(Aaron Leclair) #5

Oh I forgot, I know at least 3 people other than myself who would be interested. They refuse to go on Google+ for some reason.

(John Keenan) #6

Both PLA and ABS will be offered, and we may expand into making specialty plastics down the road.

We may also be able to make custom colors since we’ll have an in house extruder which can produce the filament same day.

Thanks for the feed back folks. I should also mention we’ll be based in Halifax, NS. For the locals of the HRM we’ll do free delivery.

(Lee Lemay) #7

That sounds awesome. What extruder are you using?

(Brian Low) #8

Interested. 3mm for me. When do you think you’ll start selling? Are you mfg all your filament or reselling?

(John Keenan) #9

We’ll be using the extrusion bot initially, but we’ll likely be developing our own extruder down the line.

We’ll be doing a mix, we’ll be reselling initially, and then we’ll be producing filament in house and ordering additional fillament based on demand levels.

We’re aiming to start December 1st.

(Brian Low) #10

It’s great to see more options. Good luck.