RGB LEDs with "True White" / Blue-free white light


I’m looking for a “True White” RGB LED, which is an LED that can show white light without having that really cold blue color that shows especially on camera.
I can find LEDs but that’s “Only” white LED’s, and I need RGB, so it should be able to show blue as well.

Does anybody know any SMB LEDs with that property?

Can you adjust to white by adjusting the RGB currents?

Like: Red:212-- Green:235-- Blue: 255

I tried that. I’ve been through a ton of different combinations. If I have too little blue it becomes pinkish, and otherwise, it’s just too blue. It especially shows on camera.

It sounds like what you want is an RGBW LED package, like this:


IN-PI55QATPRPGPBPW-XX_v1.3-1667471.pdf (1.1 MB)


That seems promising! We’ll order a set and give it a shot :slight_smile: Thanks!