Reviewed the AMAZING POWER of future weapons!

(John Ecker (GeoDroidJohn)) #1

Reviewed the AMAZING POWER of future weapons!

(Stephen L) #2

Not so much a gun as a handgrenade.
Emphasis on hand.

(ThantiK) #3

@Stephen_L there are better ones out there. The liberator is a terrible example and I wouldn’t DARE anyone to attempt it. There are a couple of models that use glock internals (barrel and such) - which are suitable for semi-auto fire, and probably personal protection. However, the files are (probably rightfully so), difficult to get ahold of.

I don’t suggest anyone try to 3D print a firearm unless they are already owners of firearms, understand the implications and the safety precautions needed, and fully understand the legality of said weaponry in their jurisdiction.

That all being said - I think everyone’s time is better spent on problems that 3D printing can solve that make the world a better place and not a more violent one.

(Mark Siefert) #4

Ha! Haw!

(Duncan Gunn) #5

To whoever first blows his or her own hand off with one of these. I’ll donate a nice pair of mittens (complete with string and name tag). All you have to do is clap on YouTube.

(Stephen L) #6

@ThantiK the list of things that this video isn’t about is indeed fairly long.

(Daren Schwenke) #7

Your average home improvement store carries everything you need to make a much better gun, that won’t blow up on you. The whole 3D printed gun thing is just media hype, and it’s unfortunate that some people feel the need to feed the beast.

(Duncan Gunn) #8

@Daren_Schwenke Totally agree. There’s been scare stories about scooter gangs and axid attacks in the UK recently too.

Now I ride a scooter, use corrosives and 3D print but I’m no acid throwing, bag snatching gun printing maniac. I have however shall we say tongue in cheek, felt the love by the ignorant.

God help us all with such people being that gullible.

(Reinhard “Barmonster” Mitschang) #9

I think, the main issue isn’t the gun in general. As many already said: guns can be made easily without a printer. The real issue is, that you can easily make a gun that is hardly detectable by current security systems.

(Daren Schwenke) #10

@Reinhard_Barmonster True. When they start making undetectable ammunition and gunpowder also, I’ll start to worry. :slight_smile:

Meanwhile, I have put a (frozen) potato through a car door using just plastic and air. I can imagine that would be pretty lethal.

It’s all energy and effort, both ways. If you have the energy, and want to expend the effort, it’s going to get done. 3D printing is just a tool in your arsenal. A drill bit and a block of Delrin, a carbon fibre tube, there are loads of undetectable things which would work much better than 3D printing for this.
Making this become news again and 3D printing suffering for it is the crime here. He wants it to be news. It’s good for business. Ignore him.