Review and tips on NinjaFlex filament.

(Pedro Ruiz) #1

Review and tips on NinjaFlex filament. In this video we demo stress tests and recommended print settings.

(Brian Wilson) #2

Honestly this looks more like an ad for the adafruit site than a guide for using ninjaflex. As an example, I think more information on preventing stringing beyond using scissors to remove it would be a valuable addition.

(Camerin hahn) #3

@Brian_Wilson there really isn’t a good way.  when I printed stuff in ninja flex it is get it going and hope it doesn’t buckle. The filament compresses in the model and retraction cause more problems then it fixes… you need to limit parameter crosses in your slicer…

(Brian Wilson) #4

Interesting. So you either put up with the stringy bits or only use it for certain models with minimum individual perimeters per layer like the phone/electronics cases shown in the video.

(Camerin hahn) #5

@Brian_Wilson yes, but clean up is so easy really you can live with it… to knee it feels like printing with lag… but it is really cool… sticks to the bed crazy well. Does not warp.