Reverse image

Why do my layouts cut in reverse and how can I correct this, thanx

You are going to have to give us a bit more detail on what is happening for you… The question isn’t enough to identify your problem.

When I convert dxf to gcode I have to format it in reverse horizontally, then it cuts right.

What kind of machine are you using? One some machines it’s possible to switch which direction on an axis is considered positive and negative. That might cause the problem that you’re describing.


gotta match your origins… if your design is in quadrant 2(x=0 on right) and your CNC is setup for quantrant 1(x=0 on left) then you’ll likely get reversed images once brought into the CNC software.
But just guessing since we don’t really know what’s causing this.

@Bob_Walker If you really want help, you need to type more than one line here.

Tell us what software you are using for design, what software you are using to generate gcode (“toolpaths”), and what kind of machine you are using. It looks like it might be worth reading this section from our FAQ on how to get good help here on Maker Forums — and really, anywhere else on the internet, or even off the internet!

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