Reverse bowden for my Printrbot Simple Metal.

Reverse bowden for my Printrbot Simple Metal. I thought I was having some issues with extrusion and retraction but I noticed it was only on large Y moves and this seems to fix the issue.

I think most people just call that a feed tube.

@Ryan_Carlyle Yeah so did I until Tom called it that in one of his videos.

I have to call BS on that terminology… A proper Bowden cable mechanism can push or pull (pulling is more common even) so “reverse Bowden” doesn’t make sense. A feed tube just gives the filament a constant-length path to prevent yanking. That really doesn’t qualify as a Bowden mechanism at all.

Like I said I didn’t invent the term, I just saw heard it on Tom’s reputable YouTube channel. “Feed tube” does seem like a more common name so I’ll append that to the name of my model.