Retrofitted the car with some Tamiya F104 parts, and took it for a drive.

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Retrofitted the car with some Tamiya F104 parts, and took it for a drive.

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Senna? Beste Best Best ever


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It’s an homage to the Lewis Hamilton, but since Lewis’ idol is Senna it kinda has both of them it. When I was building to it looked just like Senna’s Mclaren, but since I was building it for a kid I couldn’t put Marbro stickers on it. If I build another one I’ll build a Senna themed car.

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It looks great @brett_turnage ​ you did such a great job. How did the Tamiya tires work? Could you post the parts needed to make it work, and what wheels to get? Why not make it a “Hamilton kit” with the driver aswell? =)

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@Daniel_Noree Thanks Daniel! Hamilton’s helmet used to be a reproduction of Senna’s. I think just the last two years he switched over to a different helmet livery except for the Brazilian GP this year where the back of his helmet was Senna. I choose to use his old livery because that was his constant and because the homage to Senna.

The wheels work great! They’re slicks so on a bumpy road there is not much traction at full throttle, but they definitely allow the car to turn and move quickly without slipping. A softer tire compound may have better grip–I choose the hard compound for longevity, but on a smooth surface the tire compound that I used will work great.

Here is the full list and links to the parts that I used to infuse the car with F104 parts. Some parts could be eliminated if the original axle and front spindles STL file or .dwg files are modified to fit the tamiya hex style rear wheel design and the 5mm bore for the front. I am just now starting to use Autocad so that is still out of my wheelhouse, but if that was done then only wheels and tires are needed.

Parts that I used retrofit the car:

F104 Aluminum Motor Mount - Right/Left

F104 Carbon Rear Shaft - w/Diff Housing (

Carbon Reinforced Uprights - F103 / F104 (

Bearings for front wheels
1050 Ball Bearing Set 5x10mm - 4pcs F104 Front Axle Bearing

Bearings for motor mounts
1060 Ball Bearing 6x10 - (For #53257/2pcs.) F103/F104 Rear Axle Bearing

4mm Flange Lock Nut - Black / 8pcs

There are many options for wheels and tires, these are the ones that I used.

F104 Mesh Wheels - For Rubber Tires (F/R)

F104 Rubber Tires Rear

F104 Rubber Tires Front

Many gears can work these are the ones I choose.

Robinson Racing Aluminum Pro Pinion 64P 23T

F1 Machined Ultra Spur Gear- POM, 93T 64 Pitch

Low Profile Servo

Servo holder link

Stig helmet
I think I reduced it down to 40%.

The front top and bottom boom I did modify to fit the larger servo. I have to stl files and i can load them.

I also replaced the bottom frame with a carbon fiber reproduction. I guess if anyone would want a carbon base just contact me on my website, here (although I may not get it fast), or my email I choose to remake mine because I had to slice the original into smaller sections because of my 200x200 printer bed and I ended up with a 4 part piece that was glued together. I worried that it might come apart, so I wanted a one-piece replacement.

This car is my nephew’s late X-mas gift and I needed the car to be easily repairable with parts that his father could find locally. I just need to replace wings and front nose if he runs it into a wall or backs it into a curb.

All of these parts turned my OpenRC into a car that could compete versus other high end race cars at the track.

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This is a really nice build. I’m going to try a similar one or two. What email should I get you at to order three CF chassis decks?

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Just email me at I’m looking forward to seeing your finished car. Also don’t forget to add it to the Pinshape page… it definitely deserves to be in the lists of made cars.

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forgot the email… and wrong website hahaha… website:… email

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Also thanks for posting this parts list, what a time saver. Went to the local car shop to look for parts, but they were all about rock crawlers. I’m going to see how much this all abs rear end can take for a lark but upgrading to a more heavy duty powertrain is the first in the list I think.

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I’m glad the list helped. It was a nightmare to figure out when I was converting the car, but the car that I built is bulletproof and can compete with the cars at the track, so it was a good route to retrofit the car with off the shelf parts. Also the one piece base for me was much better than a multi piece base. Didn’t want it coming apart on my nephew, so it just made sense.

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Awesome color combo.

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@TinkerMake thanks!