Restoration of Sony Dual Tape Deck

I’m in the process of restoring a Sony dual tape deck to complement my home entertainment system. While I have a firm handle on the electornics inside, it’s the aesthetics of the exterior kicking my ass. Specifically, the window showing the levels is sealed and within it the sticker representing the level meter is peeling off from age and sitting in a hot garage for years.

I want to get in there and clean the adhesive off and replace it with new. I’m requesting hints from the combined wisdom of the makers in here. Included are images of: front view of front panel. rear view of front panel.

Think the only real way to do it without causing too much damage is to remove the front window. You can get some wood orange sticks, usually used in fingernail work, to use as a soft pry tool. Heat up the area around the window edge with a hairdryer while prying with the sticks to see if you can crack the glue loose.

If you can’t get a clean release of the window and damage it, you could always trying cutting a replacement.