Restoration of a 50 yr old NASA AGC

This is pretty cool. These guys have been working on restoring an original NASA Apollo Guidance Computer (AGC). They even manage to recover the stored memory from the last time it was shutdown 50 years ago.

If wire wrapped bits gets your heart pumping this is the video for you. :smile: There is a whole series on their Youtube channel about the project.


Ken Shirriff’s blog is worth following generally. :relaxed:

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I still wire wrap projects but it is getting harder to find ww sockets :slight_smile:

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When I went to college, we had to do a wire wrap project in 3rd year. I guess I am getting old. :slight_smile: At the same time though we were manufacturing our own IC’s in the Micro Electronics fab lab. We were the first college in Canada to have all the equipment to make IC’s using a commercial process. So we were learning from both ends of the spectrum.


Here is the video Marc did for their 50th celebrations demo tour. So cool that they got to meet and talk with the people that created the AGC and did the code.

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