Reshare to the 3D Printing community of a little something I'm currently working on

Reshare to the 3D Printing community of a little something I’m currently working on software-wise…

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Follow-up to my earlier post, as I was a busy bee the last couple of hours…

My first throw at a Cura WebUI (print dialog only (so far)) now includes a file manager for gcode files (stored in an “uploads” folder in Curas working directory, which will be an issue on regular windows install I guess, will have to work around that). Doesn’t check the filetype yet and is insecure like hell, but it works :slight_smile: Also revamped the UI a bit compared to my previous post (see

Sourcecode/Fork can be found here:
I do not guarantee that you’ll be able to get it to work on your own machines yet though, still heavily tinkering with it.

Last but not least some words on my personal motivation for this pet project: I want to use a #raspberrypi as a WiFi-enabled print host for my #Ultimaker (printing only, the slicing will be done on my way more powerful workstation, the created gcode can then be upped via the webinterface – might see if I can integrate this as an automatic step in Cura as well…). The web interfaces I found either didn’t want to work or did not include any kind of monitoring of the progress or the current temperature, so I decided to try to adapt my so far favourite print tool Cura. The Web UI basically wraps the exact same backend code that’s currently used for Cura’s own print dialog. I’m currently only testing with the Virtual Printer included in the Cura source, but the code also had a short hello with the Ultimaker, so I’m quite happy with the results so far :slight_smile:

(cc @Nils_Hitze @Daid_Braam @Florian_Horsch_flouS @Nihad_Abbasov @Ultimaker )

This is very interesting, I’ve been noodling on using the pi as a WiFi interface as well. I’m also experimenting with creating a cloud-based slicing service to off-load the processing so I can use smaller/cheaper/more efficient lab machines and not have to wait on slicing.