Researchers at the Nemours / Alfred I.

(3D Printer World) #1

Researchers at the Nemours / Alfred I. duPont Hospital for Children have created something heartwarming; a 3D printed exoskeleton that allows a two year old girl named Emma to move her arms for the first time.

(Cliff Bramlett) #2

Amazing, yes. Calling them magic though? That’s taking away from the actual achievements that must have taken years of hard work to accomplish. Give credit where it’s due. Great work, @Nemours_Alfred_I_duP !

(Rhett Hylin) #3

@Cliff_Bramlett Really? Seriously? She’s two. She can call them magic all she wants. Plus she probably knows exactly who made them for her and will thank them for the rest of her life.

(Cliff Bramlett) #4

@Rhett_Hylin , go ahead, flame me for an obvious oversight in skimming an article. Demonize me as a person who hates toddlers. There couldn’t be another explanation, surely.
Of course she can call them what she wants. She is, as you stated, young, and further, they’re hers. The author, however, could have avoided including Emma’s fantasies in her click-through leveraged title.